Take the next steps in your cyber security career with our 5 day CISM boot camp
Are you ready to take your information security management career to the next level? Our ISACA CISM certification boot camp provides experienced professionals with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the field of information security – and to pass your CISM exam on your very first attempt.

Training Overview

With our 5 day CISM boot camp, we delve into and enhance your critical skills and knowledge across the following domains:

Domain 1:

Information Security Governance

Domain 2:

Information Security Risk Management

Domain 3:

Information Security Program

Domain 4:

Incident Management

At the end of our CISM boot camp, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in information security management and to pass the CISM exam.

Key facts


Delivered via online classroom


5 Days


5 years experience

Average Salary


Award Winning Training You Can Trust

What’s Included

Pre-study learning path

CISM exam

Exam pass guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

90 days extended access to all learning materials, including class recordings

Unlimited practise attempts

12-Month subscription to the ISACA Official Question, Answer & Explanation (QAE) database

Access to 1,400 additional course and labs for 90 days

CISM Training Schedule


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Information Security Governance

  • Information security concepts
  • Relationship between information security and business operations
  • Techniques used to secure senior management commitment and support of information security management
  • Methods of integrating information security governance into the overall enterprise governance framework


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Risk Management

  • Information resources used in support of business processes
  • Information resource valuation methodologies
  • Information classification
  • The principles of development of baselines and their relationship to risk-based assessments of control requirements


Risk Management continued

  • Master the principles and practices of life-cycle-based risk management
  • Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and exposures associated with information resources’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Learn quantitative and qualitative methods for determining the sensitivity and criticality of information resources
  • Understand risk mitigation strategies and cost-benefit analysis techniques to manage risks effectively
  • Gain insights into managing and reporting the status of identified risks in the organisation


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Information Security Program Development and Management

  • Methods to develop an implementation plan that meets security requirements identified in risk analyses
  • Project management methods and techniques
  • The components of an information security governance framework for integrating security principles, practices, management and awareness into all aspects and all levels of the enterprise

Information Security Program Development and Management continued

  • Learn methodologies for developing and implementing information security policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Understand information security architectures and technologies to ensure the secure design and management of business applications and infrastructure
  • Explore acquisition management methods and techniques for evaluating vendor service level agreements and preparing contracts
  • Gain knowledge of security metrics design, development and implementation for measuring and improving security effectiveness
  • Learn about information security management, due diligence activities, infrastructure reviews and compliance with standards


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Information Security Program Development and Management continued

  • How to interpret information security policies into operational use
  • Information security administration process and procedures
  • Methods for managing the implementation of the enterprise’s information security program through third parties, including trading partners and security services providers
  • Continuous monitoring of security activities in the enterprise’s infrastructure and business applications


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Information Security Incident Management

  • Components of an incident response capability
  • Information security emergency management practices (e.g., production change control activities, development of computer emergency response team)
  • Disaster recovery planning and business recovery processes
  • Disaster recovery testing for infrastructure and critical business applications

Information Security Incident Management continued

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the components of an incident response capability
  • Learn best practices for information security, emergency management and disaster recovery planning
  • Explore intrusion detection policies and processes and help desk procedures for identifying and managing security incidents
  • Understand the requirements for collecting and presenting evidence in the context of information security incidents
  • Gain insights into post-incident reviews and follow-up procedures for continuous improvement

Our Commitment To You

With our CISM bootcamp, we guarantee:

Exam Pass Guarantee

If you don’t pass your exam on the first attempt, you get a second attempt for free. Your re-sit is available for up to one year.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you have the option to withdraw and enrol in an alternative online or in-person course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for the CISM?

To become qualified with CISM, you must submit verified evidence of:

  • A minimum of five years of information security work experience
  • A minimum of three years of information security management work experience in three or more of the job practice analysis area
What is the employment outlook for CISM professionals?
The job prospects for CISM professionals are highly promising. As organisations increasingly acknowledge the significance of robust security measures, the demand for skilled information security experts is on a rapid rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of information systems managers is projected to experience a 16% growth from 2021 to 2031. With their CISM certification, individuals are strategically positioned to seize these opportunities and embark on fulfilling careers in the field of information security.
What is the process for taking the CISM exam?
The CISM exam is designed as a comprehensive evaluation of your understanding and practical application of information security management concepts. Administered by ISACA, it employs a series of multiple-choice questions to thoroughly assess your knowledge. The exam follows a stringent evaluation process that prioritises integrity and certification validity.
How can you prepare for the CISM exam?
1. Establish a structured study schedule: Create a timetable that allows dedicated time for each domain, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the CISM material.

2. Leverage available resources: Utilise study guides, practice exams, and online forums to enhance your understanding and test your knowledge. These resources can provide valuable insights into exam topics and help you identify areas that require additional focus.

3. Engage in practical exercises: Strengthen your problem-solving abilities by engaging in practical exercises and real-world scenarios related to information security management. This hands-on approach will enhance your skills and reinforce key concepts.

4. Seek guidance and collaboration: Join study groups or seek guidance from experienced professionals who have successfully obtained the CISM certification. Their insights and expertise can provide valuable perspectives and support throughout your preparation journey.

5. Maintain focus and time management: Stay disciplined and maintain focus during your study sessions. Practise effective time management techniques to ensure efficient allocation of your study time across all domains.

6. Comprehensive domain review: Ensure you review all domains thoroughly, paying attention to the specific knowledge areas outlined by the CISM exam syllabus. This will help you develop a well-rounded understanding of the material.

7. Prioritise rest and sleep: Adequate rest is crucial for optimal cognitive performance. Avoid last-minute cramming sessions and make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the exam to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared on the exam day.

By following these tips, you can enhance your preparation for the CISM exam and increase your chances of success. Good luck!

Student Testimonials


I signed up back in March. During the study process the mentors helped me and answered my questions and the bootcamps were fantastic. I completed the first two exams and I've now done my practical training and had my interview. I feel very confident that I've secured my first job and I feel thankful that I have this opportunity.


Overall amazing! The mentors are very helpful and the material for both studying and labs is very helpful and easy to understand and makes passing the exam easy. I will be recommending them to relatives and friends!

Chandini Tiwari

Team members are really nice, polite and professional. Only just applied but everything is good so far.

Medina Sahra

Newto is a great company. They are always there if you need help or advice on your course. Everything is easy to access and they give you the confidence to pass your exams and they got me an interview really quickly after finishing.

Ricky Reynolds

You need to put the work in if you want to be successful and if you're like me you might need to study the material a few times but it is so worth it! The training is excellent and the support I received from start to finish has been unreal. The exams I took have helped me to start a career I often thought would be really hard to do. I recommend Newto to anyone who wants to start a new career.

Sunny Badiani

If you're thinking about a career in IT then this is the place for you. The support from the first call to the end has been incredible. They have helped me to achieve a life dream and gave me confidence and I know feel proud of myself and I know I am starting a career.


Great so far! I'm enjoying the course and I am making good progress. The team has been really helpful throughout and have answered all the questions I have whenever I have them.


In 8 months I completed the course and I am now working in cyber security. This is the best thing I have ever done and I am so excited about my new career.


I've now been placed into a field service technician role after completing all of my training and exams. My dream is now a reality.


I had an interview right away and got the job. My practical training really helped to put my theory into practice and was a great way for me to see just how things work in person.

Abdul Wahid

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