December 15, 2022

Project Management: The Benefits

Today we want to explore the benefits of a project management career; afterall we want a career that’s not only fulfilling but we want one where we feel valued and rewarded – we spend most of our time there so it’s got to be worthwhile, right?

You may or may not be aware of the wide range of business sectors that require Project Manager can lead to a diverse, long-lasting, and fulfilling career. What’s more, it can also be a lucrative and financially rewarding career route. Especially in the UK, where the demand for high-performing PM’s across many industries is consistently high, the salaries – and related bonuses – often exceed the national average.

A typical starting salary for a trainee or apprentice Project Manager in the UK is around £22,500, while more experienced and high-performing PM’s can expect to command more than double that. The average salary of a Project Manager in the UK is £47,500, while in London it is £52,500.

Throw in performance-led bonuses, often related to the successful implementation and delivery of a project, and the role of a Project Manager is very likely to exceed the national UK average salary of £31k. In fact, 49% of all project managers earn over £50k. In terms of high-earning sectors, Project Managers in the energy sector earn an average of £60k, while freelance or consultant PMs earn an average of £72,500 per year.

In addition to being well remunerated, the lifestyle benefits of a career in Project Management can also be rewarding.Those who like to travel can likely find roles where trips out of the office are frequently required, while the role of Project Manager is also ideal for anyone who enjoys working in teams and alongside a wide range of people.

The job comes with responsibility and working with varying personalities and skill sets can be challenging. But common among high-performing Project Managers is their ability to thrive in doing exactly that, while taking a great sense of fulfilment in the recognition they receive for playing a leading role in successful projects.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in project management hopefully this blog demonstrates the benefits afforded to you aspiring Project Manager. If you would like further information then get in touch with our team of experienced Course and Career Advisors and let us help guide you towards an exciting new career.

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