December 8, 2022

What is a Project Manager?

Have you been thinking or have you previously thought about a career as a Project Manager? In this blog we will explore the essentials you need to know about this in demand and lucrative career path.

Who are Project Managers?

Let’s start by actually defining what a project manager is and who they are. Project managers initiate, execute, and complete projects across various industries using their project management expertise. Projects by definition can vary in all senses, from scale and size, we could be looking at for example: mobile apps to the grandiose architecture of international cities, Project Managers are the innovators behind some of the most brilliant products, services, and processes that exist today. 

Project managers have diverse skill sets that allow them to approach each assignment in a unique and strategic way. Most importantly, they understand how to leverage their project management skills to foster an organisation’s ability to learn, succeed, and evolve with a project.

The Role of a Project Manager

In this section we will take a deep dive into the day to day/ core responsibilities of a Project Manager. This will provide you with a greater understanding of just how integral the role of a Project Manager is in overseeing the success of a particular project. 

Here we have outlined and highlighted some of the responsibilities of a Project Manager:  

  • Identifying project goals, needs, and scope 
  • Planning, monitoring, and documenting tasks throughout a project 
  • Ensuring all tasks, deliverables, and project materials are delivered promptly 
  • Managing all resources necessary for project execution 
  • Fostering effective communication with stakeholders concerning project status 
  • Foreseeing and strategically eliminating blockers and potential risks
  • Documenting each step of the process using various project management tools 
  • Ensuring top-quality results and success for a project  

We consider these to be the fundamentals of project management. They empower project managers to supervise an assignment adequately. They also allow Project Managers to create timelines, delegate tasks and shape a project.

An Exciting Time To Become a Project Manager

There’s never been a more exciting time to become a Project Manager. From tech start-ups to local nonprofits and construction builds, project managers exist and are needed in every type of organisation. Why is this such great news for you aspiring Project Manager? It’s because project management as a career choice provides you with opportunity, career growth, career fulfilment and financial opportunity. It allows professionals at every level to pursue projects that empower them to make meaningful changes in their direct environments and across the globe.

It is worth noting that those with project management certifications earn higher salaries than those without them. With the project economy expanding, the demand for passionate project managers is there.

If you’ve just taken your first steps into the project management world, welcome! Get in touch with our team of experienced Course and Career Advisors and let us help guide you towards an exciting new career. whole series based around cyber security

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