February 12, 2024

Empowering Women to join the Tech industry

At a time when technology is a true driving force in our society, ensuring that industries are as diverse and inclusive as possible is imperative. So, we looked at the Women in Tech Survey carried out in 2023 to gather some insight into the current state of gender representation in the tech industry to gain a better understanding of how we, as IT training providers, can work to play our part.


Why is it important to have a diverse workforce?

Diversity in the tech industry is not just a matter of equality, it’s a strategic advantage. A diverse workforce brings opportunities for varied perspectives, better problem-solving and the potential for stronger connections. It was reported in the survey that “90% of people believe that the tech sector would benefit from a gender-equal workforce”, which clearly shows the demand.

Bridging the gap

You might be thinking, but how? To bridge the gender gap, we must actively encourage and support women pursuing careers in technology. We can do this by introducing initiatives such as mentorship programs, educational outreach and flexible training programmes where women feel supported and championed to pursue a career in tech. 


Addressing unconscious bias

Unconscious bias remains a barrier to gender equality in the workplace (and in many other sectors, too). “A staggering 76% of the respondents we asked said that they have experienced gender bias or discrimination in the workplace at least once.”

Addressing these biases is important to create a level playing field for everyone. However, we understand it isn’t as easy as that. It takes time to break down years of repeated patterns and behaviours. Still, a good place for companies to start would be by investing in training programs and policies that challenge and overcome unconscious bias and instead cultivate an environment where talent is recognised irrespective of gender.


Building Supportive Communities

A supportive community is crucial for women in tech to thrive—networking events and online communities where women can connect, share experiences and learn from one another. Building a sense of community ensures women feel supported throughout their tech careers, from entry-level positions up to leadership roles.


Moving Forward, Together

The Women in Tech Survey 2023 serves as a roadmap for the industry to build a more inclusive future. While progress is evident, it’s clear that there’s a lot to be done, and that falls on us as a collective to break down barriers and champion diversity. At NewToTraining, we are committed to thinking and acting outside the box to challenge our unconscious bias and work towards fostering new communities where women feel empowered and heard.

If Not Now? When?

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